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Extensive research goes into analyzing the client's products and services. Open critique of existing marketing provides the basis for actualizing goals and guidelines for the brand's success. Solid marketing strategies provide the basis for the architecture and the mission of the brand. With defined goals and parameters, appropriate marketing actions steps are taken in establishing the brand to its audience as a product that is worthy of recognition and most importantly, loyalty.

Branding Strategies

Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations give foundation to providing the overall makeup and experience of how a brand is perceived by its public. FIT design has done all that and can do it again, with repeated success.


Advertising & Marketing

Promoting a service or product and focusing on the target consumer is a fundamental step that most marketeers miss. FIT design has been successful in finding the passionate core of a brand and revealing its nature to its audience and providing the "true" benefit.


Web Design

Vital and dynamic in every sense, the perpetual online storyteller of a brand has become one of the most important experiences that a consumer can have of a product or service. FIT design has created those experiences that evoke an emotion and acceptance that truly ignites the brand in the conscience of its audiences. .



Nothing compares to the experience of well-crafted brochure. The tactile and visual experience that consumers can revel in is an all-important component of aligning the brand with a consumer's needs and passions. FIT design has an unparalleled expertise in providing the vehicle for the brand message in its striking brochures and catalogs



Realized environments that evoke the brand culture and its ideals. FIT design has been instrumental in providing the right environment for any brand, from luxury to practical and everything in-between.



Imagery that is powerful and thought provoking; carefully crafted digital works that inspire and intrigue on multiple levels, photography has always been a willing muse to draw and embellish upon. Compositions that are enticing and revealing are standards by which FIT design creates for; richness in metaphor and layered meaning for communication at multiple levels.



The intrigue and specialty of packaging a product has always been a foundation stone of the experience. Tactile and visual metaphors all provide layers of meaning to the brand's identity. FIT design has been able to create unique visual experiences that not only reinforce but accent the brand strategy.



Moving pictures convey the very essence of a brand with light, color, emotion. From animations to corporate product presentations to brand focused pieces, the movies we create are the visual storytelling that drives inspiration.


Logos & Identity

Akin to family crests and expressive signatures…the identity of what that brand stands for. FIT design has created identities that simply don't just look good, but reveal simply the well-mannered product/service it strives to be.

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